The Isle of Cats Review: A Whisker-Worthy Triumph of Strategy and Cuteness


The Isle Of Cats Review

What happens when the ancient allure of Tetris meets the mystical charm of felines? You get The Isle of Cats. Welcome to The Isle of Cats review, where we unpack the magic and strategy of this enchanting tile placement game.

As a longtime gamer with a penchant for games that cleverly blend strategy and theme, The Isle of Cats has quickly become a go-to for my gaming sessions. Its unique blend of feline fanciness and puzzle complexity have kept me and my friends thoroughly engaged over countless playthroughs.

Why review it now? Quite simply, The Isle of Cats has clawed its way into my gaming heart and now feels like the perfect time to share this delightful discovery with you.

Journey with me as we explore the vibrant art, engaging gameplay, and high replayability that makes The Isle of Cats far more than just another tile placement game. It’s a charming, yet challenging experience that just might be the purr-fect addition to your game collection.

Just The Facts

Key FactDetails
Game TitleThe Isle of Cats
DesignerFrank West
PublisherCity of Games
ThemeFantasy, Exploration
GenreTile Placement, Card Drafting
Target AudienceCasual Gamers, Strategy Gamers
Age Range8 and up
Number of Players1-4 (solo and multiplayer modes)
Game Duration60-90 minutes
Complexity LevelMedium
Game ObjectiveRescue as many cats as possible
Difficulty LevelMedium
Similar GamesAzul, Patchwork, Barenpark
AwardsUK Games Expo Best Euro Game 2020
Release Date2019

Game Overview

In The Isle of Cats, players find themselves stepping into the shoes of intrepid explorers, setting sail to a mystical island. The objective? Rescue as many of the island’s feline inhabitants as possible before the evil lord Vesh arrives. From a gameplay perspective, The Isle of Cats masterfully interweaves tile placement mechanics with elements of card drafting, creating a symphony of strategic decision-making and tactical execution that resonates with players of varying experience levels.

The game unfolds across five days (rounds), during which players draft lesson and rescue cards, aim to attract unique cat breeds onto their boat, and strive to optimize their vessel’s layout with the diverse-shaped cat tiles. All the while, an undercurrent of competition runs through the gameplay, with players vying for high-scoring cat breeds and key lessons, raising the stakes and the tension as the game progresses. The player who amasses the most points through their assembled feline family, stashed treasures, and accomplished lessons, by the time Lord Vesh arrives, is deemed the winner.

Components and Artwork

The Isle of Cats is a feast for the eyes. The components are sturdy and well-constructed, designed for repeated gameplay. The cat tiles are made of thick, durable cardboard, with each breed sporting a different color and pattern – a small detail that brings a substantial degree of charm to the game. The boats, represented by player boards, exhibit meticulous attention to detail, showcasing a balanced interplay between aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The artwork of The Isle of Cats is where the game truly shines. Every cat tile is beautifully illustrated, with each breed boasting its unique identity, reinforcing the game’s theme and further immersing players into the experience. The same level of artistry extends to the card illustrations and game board, which depicts the eponymous Isle. The vibrant and whimsical artwork effortlessly marries with the game’s fantasy theme, elevating the overall visual appeal. Together, the high-quality components and breathtaking artwork form an integral part of the game experience, making The Isle of Cats a tantalizing prospect for any board game enthusiast.

Gameplay Experience

From the first card draft to the final scoring, the strategic depth and intricacies of The Isle of Cats become increasingly apparent. The setup involves each player receiving a unique boat and starting off with 20 fish—the currency for rescuing cats. With a variable setup determined by the fish-shaped tiles that form the Isle of Cats, no two games ever feel the same.

A typical game session of The Isle of Cats offers a thoughtful dance between resource management, spatial optimization, and strategic foresight. Each turn, players must decide which cards to draft from a shared pool and how best to spend their fish to rescue the cats and bring them on their boat. However, the catch lies in fitting these uniquely shaped cat tiles onto your boat, with additional points awarded for color matching and creating “families” of the same breed.

Balancing the strategic nature of the game is a healthy dose of luck and player interaction. The random draw of the cat tiles injects a delightful unpredictability into the game, while the drafting mechanics encourage players to anticipate their opponents’ moves. This perfect equilibrium between strategy and luck coupled with a competitive yet amicable player interaction make for a thrilling gaming experience.

Theme and Immersion

Despite its seemingly light-hearted premise, The Isle of Cats integrates its theme remarkably well into its mechanics. The fantasy of rescuing diverse cat breeds from an enchanting island doesn’t feel like an afterthought. Instead, it’s woven into every component—from the vividly illustrated cat tiles and cards to the beautifully designed player boats.

This game doesn’t have a narrative-driven story, but its strong thematic integration invites players to create their own tales of feline rescue and island exploration. It’s not just about placing tetris-like tiles onto a boat—it’s about creating a new haven for these mystical cats. The act of drafting cards becomes an adventure of seeking knowledge about these creatures and devising the best rescue strategy. All these elements culminate in creating an engaging, immersive experience that lures players back time and again.


The Isle of Cats shines in its replayability. Given the randomized setup of the Isle and the ever-changing card draft, no two playthroughs are alike. The cat tiles’ diverse shapes and sizes, paired with the different lesson cards, ensure a fresh strategic challenge in each game, rewarding both adaptation and forward-planning.

Moreover, the game includes a “Family Mode” for younger players or those new to tile-placement games. This variant simplifies some rules without losing the core appeal of the game, adding another dimension of replayability by making it accessible to a wider range of players. With every game of The Isle of Cats, players will find new strategies to explore, different cat combinations to rescue, and fresh challenges to overcome, making it a board game that offers enduring appeal.

Player Interaction and Engagement

While the premise of The Isle of Cats might suggest solitary action, the game is rife with player interaction. The card drafting mechanic inherently incites a push and pull between players as they weigh the potential benefits of the cards they want against the possibility of leaving valuable options for their opponents. The shared pool of cat tiles further heightens this competition, turning each rescue attempt into a tense decision-making process.

Although The Isle of Cats lacks direct player conflict, it fosters engagement through a more subtle form of interaction – strategic interference. Foresight and reading other players’ intentions are pivotal to outmaneuvering them in the race for high-scoring cats or precious rare treasures.

In terms of engagement, The Isle of Cats keeps its claws in you. The task of arranging your cat tiles, akin to a satisfying puzzle, maintains constant engagement. Each round unravels new opportunities, fresh dilemmas, and an insatiable desire to optimize your boat layout, keeping players invested throughout.

Learning Curve and Accessibility

The Isle of Cats strikes an admirable balance between depth and accessibility. The rules are straightforward, with the game objective, round structure, and scoring system easily understood after a single playthrough.

However, beneath this simplicity lurks a game with impressive strategic depth, where the real mastery lies in maximizing the effectiveness of your cat rescues and optimizing the arrangement of your boat. This blend of approachability and depth makes the game a fitting choice for both casual and experienced gamers.

Aiding the learning process are the well-structured rulebook and handy player aids that serve as constant reminders of the game’s flow and scoring system. The game also shines in its accessibility across different age groups, thanks to its “Family Mode,” which simplifies the rules without compromising the core enjoyment.

Strategies, Tactics, and Tips

Though The Isle of Cats may seem whimsical on the surface, a variety of strategies can turn the tide in your favor:

  • Maximize your Lesson cards: Lesson cards can significantly boost your score. Try to align your cat rescuing efforts with the goals set out by these cards.
  • Form cat families: A family is formed by connecting three or more same-colored cats. The larger the family, the more points you score.
  • Fill your boat wisely: Empty spaces on your boat can lead to negative points at the end of the game. Aim to fill your boat as completely as possible.
  • Consider the rare treasures: These pieces can be useful to fill in small gaps on your boat.
  • Keep an eye on your opponents: Try to anticipate what cats or cards they may aim for and adapt your strategy accordingly.


The Isle of Cats is accompanied by several expansions that add new dimensions to the gameplay:

  • Late Arrivals: This expansion adds components for 2 more players, new cat tiles, and a new lesson module. It also introduces family cards, adding an extra layer of strategy.
  • Kickstarter Pack: This pack features 10 new discovery cards that add more diversity to the game setup.
  • Boat Pack: This pack introduces 6 new boat boards, each offering a unique layout for players to tackle.

Comparison to Similar Games

The Isle of Cats sits in a unique niche within the tile placement genre. Games like Azul and Patchwork share similar spatial puzzle elements but offer distinct experiences. Azul relies on pattern building with less focus on spatial management, while Patchwork incorporates a time management mechanic and has a two-player restriction.

Compared to Barenpark, another tile placement game with an animal theme, The Isle of Cats offers a higher level of strategic complexity due to its card drafting mechanism and the variety of tile shapes. However, Barenpark might be a better fit for those seeking a more streamlined experience.

If we consider the cat theme, Cat Lady shares a common thread but presents a much lighter, faster game based primarily on set collection. For players drawn to the feline subject matter but seeking less complexity, Cat Lady might be a better fit.

Hits and Misses


  • Engaging Gameplay: The combination of card drafting and tile placement provides a compelling balance of strategy and tactics.
  • High Replayability: Randomized setup and varied tile shapes ensure a unique experience every time.
  • Beautiful Artwork: The game’s visuals are captivating, enhancing immersion and enjoyment.
  • Accessibility: Clear rules and helpful player aids make it easy for newcomers to learn, while the strategic depth keeps experienced players coming back.


  • Randomness: The random drawing of cat tiles can sometimes feel frustrating if the desired shapes or colors don’t come up.
  • Setup Time: The game’s setup can be a bit time-consuming, particularly for the first few plays.
  • Player Downtime: Depending on the number of players, there can be some downtime between turns.

The Isle of Cats Review: Final Thoughts and Verdict

After a comprehensive analysis of The Isle of Cats, it earns an impressive 8/10. The game successfully merges a charming theme with robust mechanics, creating an experience that is as thought-provoking as it is visually delightful.

While the game could benefit from minimizing the luck factor and speeding up setup, these are minor quibbles against an otherwise standout board game. If you’re a fan of tile placement games or simply can’t resist the allure of whimsically illustrated felines, The Isle of Cats should be your next port of call.

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